Bridging the Synthesis Gap from Circuits to Systems for Scaled Mixed-Signal Silicon


Group Researchers: Pragati Tiwary, Saurabh Tiwary, Dong Chen, Senthil Velu

Collaborators: Tamal Mukherjee, CMU; Jeyanandh Paramesh, CMU; Yu-tsun Chien, ITRI, Taiwan

Synthesis tools for cell-level analog building blocks (10-100 devices) have recently made the transition from academic prototypes to commercial products. These tools can help to size, bias, center, optimize and lay out critical analog and RF circuits. Unfortunately, they do not scale directly to system level, where we may have 10-100 blocks, integrated with many digital functions, using problematic scaled devices better suited for NAND gates than opamps. A key obstacle is the essential architecture of the today’s cell-level tools: they employ simulation-based synthesis, and rely on full SPICE level evaluation of each evolving solution candidate, in a large global-optimization framework, distributed across networked workstations. The strategy has been the key enabler for cell-level designs that are ‘trustworthy’ to designers. However, we cannot simulate system-level designs rapidly enough to use this paradigm. Alternatives have been proposed, none successfully. This projects is developing novel synthesis strategies based on three key ideas: (1) we strive to reuse (i.e., to respect) the existing models used by practicing system designers; (2) we optimally leverage existing cell-level optimization tools; (3) we bring first-order statistical optimization into the same framework, by extracting statistical tradeoff models from key circuits, and inserting these into the system-level design problem.

Key Papers/Talks

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