Interval Valued Analysis for Efficient Variational/Range Modeling of Circuits and Systems

Group members: Claire F. Fang, James D. Ma, , Amith Singhee

Collaborators: Duane Boning, MIT; Tsuhan Chen, CMU; Markus Pueschel, CMU

Recent advances in the handling of correlated interval representations of range uncertainty can be used to predict the impact of statistical manufacturing variations on nanoscale circuits and interconnect structures, and to predict how many bits are sufficient — or insufficient — in DSP algorithms that use custom hardware to process unknown streams of input data. We represent correlated statistical variations (in circuit/interconnect parameters, or in DSP input data) as sets of correlated intervals, and show how several important classical algorithms can be re-targeted to compute interval-valued, rather than scalar-valued outputs. By applying a statistical interpretation and sampling to the resulting compact interval-valued outputs of these algorithms, we can efficiently estimate the impact of statistical/range variations on the original circuit/system. We have successfully implemented a range of classical model order reduction methods (AWE, PRIMA), technology CAD algorithms (chemical mechanical polishing, CMP), and very efficiently analyzed the impacts of DSP fixed-point precision effects.


Key Papers/Talks

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